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ACT! – Level 1 and 2
Software Version ACT! 2007
Course Duration 1 Day for each Level and 2 Days for the complete course
Course Type Class Room and Instructor-Led On-Line (E-Learning) Hands-On Training
Course Overview In business, you may tend to possess a lot of information about your contacts. Business contacts and related information need to be properly maintained so that you can access or modify them whenever required. ACT! is a contact management system to work with your business contacts, manage events, track relevant communications, and enhance your business relationships significantly.
Intended Audience for this course This course is intended for corporate users, small business owners, government, medical, education, and nonprofit entities and those who want to use this software for their day to day business needs.
Course Topics
Level 1 - 1 Day
Lesson 1: Overview of ACT!
  • Starting ACT!
  • Observing a Contact Database
Lesson 2: Creating a Contact Database
  • Creating a Contact Database
  • Editing a Contact Database
  • Printing an Address Book
Lesson 3: Locating Contacts
  • Finding Contacts
  • Viewing Contacts
  • Sorting Contacts
Lesson 4: Organizing Contacts
  • Categorizing Contacts
  • Grouping Contacts
  • Managing Contact Groups
Lesson 5: Scheduling Activities
  • Scheduling Activities in the Contacts Window
  • Managing Activities
  • Scheduling Recurring Activities
  • Creating Sales Opportunities
Lesson 6: Working with Activities in Other ACT! Windows
  • Working in the Calendar Windows
  • Working in the Task List Window
  • Using SideACT! to Manage Notes and Activities
Lesson 7: Creating Documents with the Word Processor
  • Creating a Letter
  • Formatting Documents
  • Viewing Other Templates
Level 2 - 1 Day
Lesson 1: Customizing the ACT! 2008 Environment

    Topic 1A: Specify Startup Preferences
    Topic 1B: Customize Fields in a Database
    Topic 1C: Customize Layouts
    Topic 1D: Customize the Dashboard
    Topic 1E: Modify Menus and Keyboard Shortcuts

Lesson 2: Creating Queries

    Topic 2A: Perform a Lookup
    Topic 2B: Create Advanced Queries

Lesson 3: Exchanging Data

    Topic 3A: Import Data
    Topic 3B: Export Data
    Topic 3C: Transfer Data to a Pocket PC
    Topic 3D: Working with a Remote Database

Lesson 4: Using the Mail Merge Feature

    Topic 4A: Create a Template for Mail Merge
    Topic 4B: Generate Form Letters

Lesson 5: Working with Report Templates

    Topic 5A: Generate Reports Using a Standard Report Template
    Topic 5B: Generate Reports Using a Custom Report Template

Lesson 6: Administering the ACT! 2008 Database

    Topic 6A: Manage Data Security
    Topic 6B: Perform Database Maintenance

Lesson 7: Using the Internet and Email Features of ACT! 2008

    Topic 7A: Create Web Page Attachments
    Topic 7B: Generate Maps and Driving Directions
    Topic 7C: Integrate ACT! 2008 with Email Applications

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