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Business Analyst
Business Analyst
Business Analyst
Software Version Latest Version of Software
Course Duration 3 Days
Course Type Class Room and Instructor-Led On-Line (E-Learning) Hands-On Training
Course Overview Business analysis is a critical process that drives the project life cycle. The business analyst, acting as an intermediary between the business and technical communities, analyzes competing business needs and develops plans to implement the projects that support stakeholder objectives. In this course, you gain foundational knowledge of the role and function of the business analyst. You also learn to apply a clearly defined business analysis framework.
  • Perform key functions of the business analyst
  • Apply a solid business analysis framework
  • Evaluate and prioritize the feasibility of various business initiatives
  • Quantify appropriate benefits and costs to support a business case
  • Plan a detailed requirements development process using best practices
  • Deliver the requirements package and support downstream development
Intended Audience for this course Anyone interested in a broad overview of key tasks conducted by a business analyst or needing to know how to effectively analyze business options and outcomes. This course is also designed for Office Staff, End Users, Office Secretaries, Analysts, IT management and Staff, Business Analysts, Functional Implementers, Project Managers, Students with MBA and also those who want to become business analysts for any IT project.
Course Topics
The Role of the Business Analyst
  • Overview of business analysis
  • Key roles and responsibilities
  • Business analysis vs. project management: analyzing similarities and distinctions
The Business Analysis Framework
    Clarifying core concepts
  • Positioning business analysis within the overall project life cycle
  • Distinguishing among business, user and system level needs
Choosing a business analysis approach
  • IIBA®-defined Knowledge Areas
  • Recommended baseline framework for conducting business analysis activities
Analyzing the Business Landscape
    Diagnosing the business environment
  • Capturing business needs and/or opportunities across the enterprise
  • Categorizing and prioritizing issues using Affinity Diagrams
  • Exposing root causes of problems
  • Identifying action-oriented business initiatives that address the root problem
Evaluating and selecting an initiative
  • Conducting feasibility studies
  • Employing analysis techniques to assess alternatives
  • 2 x 2 analysis grid
  • Prioritization matrices
  • Paired comparison analysis
Modeling the future vision
  • Describing the future state using workflow diagrams
  • Considering incremental improvement vs. business transformation
Defining the Project
    Documenting critical project parameters
  • Building SMART project objectives
  • Specifying critical project elements and deliverables
Preparing the business case
  • Structuring the business case
  • Identifying quantitative and qualitative project benefits and costs
Planning the Requirements Development Process
    Assessing stakeholder roles and responsibilities
  • Identifying internal and external stakeholders
  • Conducting stakeholder analysis
Determining project approach and key assumptions
  • Documenting guiding principles, ground rules and templates
  • Producing a requirements development plan to guide and manage the process
Developing and Delivering the Detailed Requirements Package
    Incorporating the 5-step model
  • Eliciting stakeholder wants and needs
  • Analyzing stated requirements
  • Specifying the requirements document
  • Validating the requirements document with key stakeholders
  • Managing the change control process
Applying requirements development best practices and standards
  • Addressing common challenges typically encountered during requirements development
  • Recognizing existing industry standards
Communicating effectively to relevant stakeholders
  • Engaging the development community
  • Selling the message for optimal acceptance
Supporting Downstream Development
  • Tailoring the business analyst role throughout the project life cycle
  • Adapting the framework to real world scenarios

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