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Crystal Reports
Crystal Reports
Crystal Reports – Level 1 and 2
Software Version Crystal Reports 2008
Course Duration 2 Days
Course Type Class Room and Instructor-Led On-Line (E-Learning) Hands-On Training
Course Overview Organizations use reporting tools to access data sources and generate customized reports. Crystal Reports 2008 enhances report building and report processing techniques with a slew of features that add value to your presentation. In this course, you will create a basic report by connecting to a database and modifying its presentation. You will also learn the more advanced features of this reporting tool.
Intended Audience for this course Anyone involved in creating reports from stored data. Experience using Windows and working with a spreadsheet is assumed. This course is designed for persons who need output from a database. In some cases, database programs have limited reporting tools, and/or such tools may not be accessible. This course is also designed for Office Staff, End Users, Office Secretaries, Analysts, IT management and Staff, Business Analysts, Functional Implementers, Students and also those who want to use this Report Software for managing and organizing their business reporting needs. Students may or may not have programming and/or SQL experience.
Course Topics
Level 1
Creating a Report

    Set Default Report Settings
    Specify Fields for a New Report
    Preview the Report
    Modify Field Display
    Add a Report Title
    Position Fields
    Add Fields from Additional Tables

Displaying Specific Report Data

    Find Data
    Sort Data
    Filter Data by Single Criteria

Grouping Report Data

    Insert a Group
    Add Summaries
    Format Summary Information
    Change Group Options
    Add an Additional Group
    Filter by Group
    Create a Top N Sort Group

Building Formulas

    Write a Formula
    Edit a Formula
    Group by Formula
    Delete a Formula
    Build a Filter by Multiple Criteria
    Modify a Filter with Multiple Criteria to Create an OR Condition
    Create a Parameter Field
    Write a Formula that Incorporates Null Fields

Formatting Reports

    Remove White Space
    Insert Page Header/Footer Data
    Add Borders and Lines
    Change the Background Color
    Change the Margins

Enhancing Reports

    Create a Section to Contain a Watermark
    Insert Objects Using Object Linking and Embedding
    Modify Format Based on Data Value
    Conditionally Suppress Data
    Insert Hyperlinks
    Hide Blank Report Sections

Creating and Modifying Pie Charts

    Create a Pie Chart with a Drill-down
    Modify Chart Text
    Format a Chart
    Present a Chart by Group

Distributing Data

    Export to PDF
    Export to Excel
    Export to an Access Database
    Create a Report Definition
    Create Mailing Labels

Level 2
Creating Running Totals

    Create and Modify Running Total Field
    Create a Manual Running Total on Detail Data
    Create a Manual Running Total on Summary Data

Building Cross-tabs in Your Report

    Create a Cross-tab
    Create a Specified Group Order
    Filter a Cross-tab by Group
    Change the Cross-tab Format
    Conditionally Format Rows and Columns
    Keep Groups Together

Adding Subreports

    Insert a Subreport
    Link a Subreport to Data in a Primary Report
    Format a Subreport Using the Format Editor
    Share Formulas Between Main and Subreports
    Create an On-demand Subreport

Creating Drill-downs

    Create a Drill-down
    Create Separate Headings for Drill-down Data

Enhancing Report Processing Using SQL

    Create a Report Using SQL Queries
    Summarize Report Data Using SQL Aggregate Functions
    Create Joins Using SQL
    Create Subqueries
    Create an SQL Expression Field to Promote Server-side Processing

Charting Data

    Create a Bar Chart
    Modify a Chart
    Create a Top N Chart
    Format a Chart
    Create a Chart Template

Reporting on Excel Data

    Create a Report Based on Excel Data
    Modify a Report Generated from Excel Data
    Update Data in a Report Based on Excel Data

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