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Microsoft Dynamics AX – Logistics & Distribution
Software Version Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009
Course Duration 5 Days
Course Type Class Room and Instructor-Led On-Line (E-Learning) Hands-On Training
Course Overview This course is designed to cover Inventory, Purchase Order Processing and Sales Order Processing modules. Topics discussed are the setup required to process inventory transactions, purchase orders and sales invoices. This course is also designed to explain the integration between the Inventory, Purchase Order Processing and Sales Order Processing modules, as well as how they integrate with other Great Plains modules to streamline the workflow of the business.
Intended Audience for this course Distribution Series training is recommended for Customers who plan to utilize the Inventory, Purchase Order Processing and Sales Order Processing modules and have a working knowledge of the Great Plains financial applications. This course is also designed for Office Staff, End Users, IT management and Staff, Business Analysts, Functional Implementers, Project Managers, Students and also those who want to use this Software for managing their business distribution modules.
Course Topics
Introduction to Trade and Logistics
  • Logistics and Inventory Management
  • Logistics and Inventory Features
  • Information Flow
  • Item Groups
  • Inventory Model Groups
  • Dimension Groups
  • The Inventory Dimensions Form
  • Item Dimension Combinations
  • Item Setup
  • Default Order Settings
  • Units of Measure
  • Warehouse Management
  • Item Pricing
Purchase Orders and Purchase Order Posting
  • Working with Purchase Orders
  • Purchase Order Types
  • Set up Accounts Payable Parameters
  • Ship to Multiple Addresses
  • Purchase Order Posting
  • Post a Purchase Order
  • Post a Receipts List
  • Post a Packing Slip
  • Post a Purchase Order Invoice
  • Accounts Payable Invoice Matching
  • Purchase Order Financial Posting
Serial and Batch Numbers
  • Dimension Group - Storage Dimensions
  • Manual Allocation
  • Automatic Allocation
  • Tracing
Item Arrival and Registration
  • Item Registration Setup
  • Item Arrival using the Arrival Overview Form
Quarantine Management
  • Quarantine Warehouse Setup Parameters
  • Quarantine Item Management
  • Inventory Transactions on Quarantine Items
Vendor Returns
  • Create Vendor Returns
  • Create Vendor Returns for Serialized Items
Sales Orders and Sales Order Posting
  • Working with Sales Orders
  • Sales Order Types
  • Sales Parameters
  • Ship to Multiple Addresses
  • Enhanced Delivery Date Control
  • Available Ship and Receipt Dates
  • Order Entry Deadlines
  • Create a Sales Order in a Multi Time Zone Environment
  • Direct Delivery
  • Sales Order Posting
  • Post a Sales Order Confirmation
  • Post a Sales Order Picking List
  • Post a Picking List Registration
  • Post a Sales Order Packing List
  • Post a Sales Order Invoice
  • Post an Invoice Based on Packing Slips
  • Sales Order Financial Posting
  • Mulitisite
  • Shipping Carrier Interface
Sales Order Picking
  • Item Pick Registration Setup
  • Automatic Registration of a Pick
  • Item Pick Registration of Serialized and Batch Inventory
  • Edit, Reverse, and Split a Pick
  • Release Sales Order Picking
Customer Returns
  • Set up Customer Returns
  • Create a Return Order
  • Item Arrival and Receipt Registration
  • Quarantine Orders
  • Replacement Orders
  • Reports and Statistics
Over/Under Delivery and Miscellaneous Charges
  • Over/Under Delivery
  • Miscellaneous Charges
  • Price Miscellaneous Charges
  • Miscellaneous Charges Codes
  • Manual Miscellaneous Charges
  • Add Miscellaneous Charges to a Purchase Order Invoice
  • Add Landed costs to an Invoice journal for a Purchase order

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