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J2EE Web Component Development
Software Version Java Systems Application Server and J2EE
Course Duration 5 Days
Course Type Class Room and Instructor-Led On-Line (E-Learning) Hands-On Training
Course Overview Welcome to J2EE: Web Component Development. This course will help you to build upon your background knowledge in Java and gain the essential skills you need to develop Web components in an enterprise environment. Additionally, the course offers you a job-related approach to the Web application development process. Finally, it provides you with the basic expertise required to develop functionally sound and efficient Java 2 Enterprise Edition Web components.
Intended Audience for this course Students should be skilled and experienced in using Java. They should have knowledge of database structure and terminology. Also, the students should understand object-oriented programming. This course is also designed for those who have technical background, knowledge with any computer language, Java, XML, .NET Developers, ERP Developers, DBAs, and Application Technical Consultants.
Course Topics
Preparing to Develop J2EE Web Applications
    Structure a Web Application
    Access the Database
    Configure the Web Application
Building a Servlet
    Code a Servlet
    Send and Receive Information
    Access Input Streams to the Web Application
    Control Access to Shared Objects
    Include Other Resources
    Return HTTP Errors
    Handle a Servlet Exception
    Write to the WebApp Log
    Deploy a Servlet
Building a JSP
    Code a JSP
    Write a Directive
    Write a Scriptlet
    Write a JSP Expression
    Write a Declaration
    Employ JSP Actions
    Deploy a JSP
Maintaining Client State
    Manage a Session with the HttpSession Interface
    Use Hidden Fields
    Create a Cookie
    Use URL Rewrite
    Implement Servlet Event Listening
Using a JavaBean in a Web Application
    Use a JavaBean
    Use a Get Method of a JavaBean
    Use a Set Method of a JavaBean
Creating and Using a JSP Custom Tag Library
    Use the JSP Standard Tag Library
    Declare a SimpleTag Handler
    Create a Tag File
    Create a Tag Library Descriptor
    Use Custom Tags
Applying Security and Filters
    Configure Authentication
    Configure Web Authorization
    Program Web Authorization
    Implement a Filter
Using Design Patterns in a Web Application
    Design a J2EE Web Application with the MVC Pattern
    Design a J2EE Web Application with the Transfer Object Pattern
    Design a J2EE Web Application with the Data Access Object Pattern
    Design a J2EE Web Application with the Business Delegate Pattern
Integrating a Web Application with a Database
    Configure the Web Application for JDBC Connectivity
    Obtain Connections to a Database
    Access a SQL Result Set in J2EE Web Components
    Create Connection Pooling

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