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Linux Network Admin
Linux System Security & Network Administration
Linux System Security & Network - Administration
Software Version Red Hat Linux 5 or higher
Course Duration 5 Days
Course Type Class Room and Instructor-Led On-Line (E-Learning) Hands-On Training
Course Overview This course is designed to teach how to manage security and performance of multiple systems on a network. In the Networking and Security Administration of Red Hat Linux 5 course, you will implement system security and user authentication between hosts using Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5. You will implement advanced system and network services along with security policies to ensure efficient network administration.
Intended Audience for this course This course is designed for Linux or Unix Administrators and IT professionals who want to build Linux network and security administration skills in networking and security management. It is also designed for individuals who desire to become Red Hat Certified Engineers (RHCE).
Course Topics
Implementing DHCP Services
    Examine Networking Basics
    Install a DHCP Server
    Configure a DHCP Server
Implementing DNS Services
    Install a DNS Server
    Configure a DNS Server
    Secure DNS Server
Implementing Internet and Web Hosting Services
    Install a Web Server
    Configure a Web Server
    Maintain a Web Server
    Install a Proxy Server
    Configure a Proxy Server
    Install an FTP Server
    Secure an FTP Server
Managing File Services
    Implement Samba Services
    Implement NFS services
    Access Files Remotely Using SSH
    Access Files Remotely Using VPN
    Synchronize Files
Managing a Mail Server
    Configure a Mail Server
    Install Majordomo
    Create Mailing Lists
    Implement Procmail
Sharing Information
    Configure an NIS Server
    Configure NIS Clients
    Implement LDAP Services
    Manage a News Server
Configuring Devices
    Add New Hardware
    Manage Disk Space
    Configure RAID
    Configure Network Devices to Connect to Networks
Automating Tasks Using Scripts
    Automate Search Using Script Files
    Automate Calculation
    Write a Perl Script
Securing Networks
    Secure Data
    Configure TCP Wrappers
    Configure Firewall on a Router
    Change Runlevel
    Manage Passwords
    Implement Kerberos
    Detect Intrusion
Maintaining Servers
    Manage Log Files
    Maintain Filesystems
    Configure Automount Filesystems
    Compile a Kernel
    Configure the Kernel Modules
    Patch a Kernel
Troubleshooting Linux Network Issues
    Create Recovery Disks
    Troubleshoot Boot Loader
    Troubleshoot Devices
    Troubleshoot the System Environment
    Troubleshoot Network Issues

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