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MS Tools – Business Intelligence
MS Tools For Business Intelligence
MS Office Tools for Business Intelligence - BootCamp
Software Version MS Office 2003 and 2007
Course Duration 3 Days
Course Type Class Room and Instructor-Led On-Line (E-Learning) Hands-On Training
Course Overview Business Intelligence is not a software program, but the application of software technologies that enables business users to make better and faster decisions based on enterprise data. In this course, you are introduced to the Microsoft Business Intelligence suite of software technologies. You learn how to build and integrate Microsoft tools into an end-to-end solution in order to achieve competitive business advantage.
  • Achieve an end-to-end business intelligence solution using the Microsoft toolset
  • Consolidate enterprise data into SQL Server Analysis Services cubes
  • Perform data mining with Microsoft Office Excel
  • Build dashboards, scorecards and KPIs for easy visualization of business performance
  • Map business processes into a cycle of monitoring, analyzing and planning with Performance Point
Intended Audience for this course Anyone who is involved or interested in planning, monitoring, analyzing or implementing business processes using Microsoft Business Intelligence tools. Knowledge of business fundamentals is assumed.
Course Topics
Introducing Business Intelligence (BI)
    Proposing an integrated solution
  • Identifying problems with current business practices as they relate to Business Intelligence
  • Aligning business objectives at all levels of the enterprise
  • Introducing the Microsoft BI vision and strategy
  • Identifying components of the Microsoft BI platform
  • SQL Server
  • Integration Services
  • Analysis Services
  • Reporting Services
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Office SharePoint Server
  • Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server
Collecting BI Data with Integration Services
    Integrating data from multiple sources
  • Connecting to external data sources
  • Creating a package for data imports
  • Working with Integration Services in a data warehouse
  • Populating a star and snowflake schema in SQL Server with Integration Services
  • Automating package execution from the command line
  • Leveraging SQL Server Relational Engine
  • Denormalizing into star or snowflake schemas
  • Introducing surrogate keys
  • Dealing with slowly changing dimensions
Leveraging SQL Server Analysis Services
    Defining and building a cube
  • Facts
  • Dimensions
  • Hierarchies
  • Measures
  • Extracting data from cubes with MDX
  • Creating a cube with Analysis Services wizards
  • Denormalizing the database
  • Creating Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Extracting insight with data mining
  • Determining data mining algorithms for specific business data problems
  • Utilizing data mining to perform targeted marketing
  • Presenting Data with Reporting Services Authoring a basic report
  • Building Tabular and Matrix reports with the Report Wizard
  • Creating a report based on an Analysis Services cube
  • Taking advantage of interactivity
  • Implementing drill down/up and expand/collapse
  • Exporting to other formats such as Excel
Exploiting Excel for Predictive Analysis
    Creating models for data mining
  • Preparing and cleaning input data
  • Partitioning data into training and testing sets
  • Applying available models to solve business problems
  • Analyzing key influencers of desired outcomes
  • Discovering natural clusters of large volumes of data
Pivoting table data
  • Creating charts and pivot tables from different data sources
  • Connecting to Analysis Services with Excel
  • Drilling down to multiple levels of detail
  • Producing custom solutions with the CUBExxx functions and MDX
Publishing reports and models
  • Saving a workbook to a SharePoint document library
  • Viewing a Hands-On Training Throughout this course, extensive hands-on exercises provide practical experience working with Business Intelligence tools.
  • Exercises include:
    • Reviewing a finished BI solution
    • Creating a KPI within a cube
    • Publishing an Excel workbook to SharePoint
    • Building a scorecard with Dashboard Designer
    • Forecasting trends with data mining techniques
    • Designing a dashboard in SharePoint
    • Visualizing data with PerformancePoint analytic grids and charts

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