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Oracle Developer Tools – 6i
Oracle Dev Tools 6i
Oracle Developer Tools – PL/SQL, Forms, Reports (6i)
Software Version Oracle Developer Tools 6i and 9i
Course Duration 5 Days
Course Type Class Room and Instructor-Led On-Line (E-Learning) Hands-On Training
Course Overview This intensive hands-on Oracle Forms, Reports and PL/SQL training class designed to teach the advanced features for Oracle systems development using Oracle 6i or 9i. This course also covers advanced productivity features of Oracle Developer forms and reports including control blocks, functions, stored procedures and triggers, and development of stored procedures, functions and packages using PL/SQL and Oracle AIM methodology and using development standards. This course also gives overview of Oracle Applications overview.
Intended Audience for this course This course is designed for those who have technical background, knowledge with any computer language, Java, J2EE, XML, .NET Developers, ERP Developers, DBAs, IT management and Staff, Business Analysts, Technical Consultants, Students and also those who want to become Oracle Applications Technical Consultants.
Course Topics
Introduction to Oracle Applications
  • Overview of Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Architecture
  • Components
  • Roles and Responsibilities of a Technical Consultant
  • Oracle Application Implementation Methodology (AIM)
  • Overview
  • Components and Syntax
  • Cursors
  • Stored Procedures, Functions and Packages
  • Built-in Packages and Functions
  • Control Structures
  • Database Triggers
  • Tips and Techniques
  • Forms 6i Overview
  • Forms Designer
  • Basics and Terminology
  • Layout Editor, Canvases, Windows and Views
  • Forms Compiler
  • Events and Triggers
  • List of Values
  • Built-in, Forms Objects and Triggers
  • Templates
  • Libraries
  • Validations, Alerts
  • Developing and testing forms
  • Exception Handling
  • Reports 6i Overview
  • Reports Developer
  • Reports Wizard
  • Parameter form
  • Reports Layout Model
  • Report Triggers
  • Reports Output
  • Developing and testing reports
Understanding Control Blocks
  • Forms Query Text
  • Control Blocks
  • Blocks based on views
  • Block Based on a Procedure
  • Block Based on FROM Clause Query
  • Blocks Based on Transactional Triggers
PL/SQL Advanced Topics
  • Transaction Processing
  • Cursor Variables
  • Advanced SQL Techniques
  • Object-Relational Model
  • Tuning
  • Control Structures
  • PL/SQL Tables and Records
  • Overloading features of PL/SQL
  • Dynamic SQL
  • Database Triggers and server features
  • Events and levels
  • Objects Dependencies
  • Understanding LOBs
  • Performance Tips and Techniques
Oracle Forms Advanced Topics
  • Deploying Forms on the Web
  • Populating List Items Dynamically
  • Master-Detail Relationships
  • Populating a List Item with Date and Number Values
  • Working with Global Variables
  • Changing the Base Table of a Block Dynamically
  • Creating Customized Sign-on Form
Oracle Reports Advanced Topics
  • Generate HTML/Web Reports
  • XML Output
  • Using Images
  • Reports new features

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