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PHP / My SQL for Web Developers
Software Version Latest Version of Software
Course Duration 3 Days
Course Type Class Room and Instructor-Led On-Line (E-Learning) Hands-On Training
Course Overview PHP Training with MySQL is an introductory course in the PHP and MySQL technology. Students will receive hands-on training in PHP programming language, and an introduction to MySQL database administration, SQL database language, and web development principles. The objective of PHP Training course is to train students in becoming proficient PHP/MySQL web developers. At the end of the course, students will have basic understanding of the web technology and be able to architect, write, debug, and run complete web applications using PHP and MySQL. Introduction explores all of the major elements of PHP programming. With PHP, you can build dynamic, data-driven Web sites that use a variety of databases. Easy-to-understand code samples are used to demonstrate the many elements and techniques used in PHP programming.
Intended Audience for this course This course is designed for those who are well versed in HTML, and who has had at least some experience with scripting languages and SQL. This is a serious programming course. This course is also intended for Technical consultants who are interested in learning about PHP/MySQL.
Course Topics
Introduction to PHP
    From Static to Dynamic Websites
    What is PHP?
    What is MySQL?
    Where to get PHP and MySQL?
    The Big Picture: How PHP and MySQL fit the Web
PHP Fundamentals
    PHP.ini Configuration File
    Basic Syntax
    Mixing PHP and HTML
    About Comments
Quick Start for Programmers
    PHP Language Overview
Variables, Datatypes, Operators
    Escaping Special Characters
String Manipulations
    String Concatenation, Upper/Lower Case, Sub Strings, Replacement
    String Formatting with printf
    For Loop
    While Loop
    Foreach Loop
    Loop Control (break and continue)
    Nested Loops
    Function Definition
    Function Scope
    Arguments and Return Values
    What Are Arrays (definition)
    Indexing by Number
    Indexing by Strings - Associative Arrays
    Arrays and Loops
Form Processing
    Review of HTML Forms (check boxes, text fields, radio buttons)
    Retrieving Form Data
    The GET and POST method
    Submitting to Itself
Files and Directories
    Read and Writing Files
    Working with Directories
    Working with CSV Files
    About File Permissions
Introduction to MySQL Administration
    The Command-Line Client
    MySQL Control Center
    Connecting to Database Server
    Selecting a Database
SQL Language
    The Big Picture: Databases, Tables, and Fields
    SELECT Statement
    INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE Statement
    CREATing Databases
    Connecting from PHP to MySQL
    Executing SQL Queries
    Retrieving Query Results
    Putting It All Together
Sessions and Cookies
    Introduction to Sessions and Cookies
    Password-protecting Pages
Objects in PHP
    Introduction to Objects
    Properties and Methods
Introduction to PEAR
    Installing PEAR
    Overview of PEAR Library
Debugging PHP Code
    About PHP Error Handling
    Using Print to Narrow Error Messages
Advanced Topics
    PHP and Javascript
    PHP and Images
    PHP and PDF
    PHP and Flash

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