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PM Professional
Project Management Professional (PMP) 4th Edition
Software Version Latest Version of Software
Course Duration 3 Days
Course Type Class Room and Instructor-Led On-Line (E-Learning) Hands-On Training
Course Overview Project managers must work within tight schedules, manage resources across the organization and deliver results on time and within budget. This course covers all aspects of professional project management concepts, initiating a project, project budget and costs, risk management, planning and managing resources, control and project performance and all other tasks which are very essential for an efficient project management.
Intended Audience for this course This course is designed for Office Staff, End Users, Office Secretaries, Analysts, IT management and Staff, Business Analysts, Functional Implementers, Project Managers, Students with MBA and also for anyone who needs to use Project to plan, manage or control a project. Familiarity with project management terminology such as tasks, resources and critical path is helpful.
Course Topics
Examining Professional Project Management
    Identify Project Management Processes
    Identify Professional and Social Responsibilities
    Identify the Interpersonal Skills Required for a Project Manager
Initiating a Project
    Examine the Project Management Context
    Examine Project Selection
    Prepare a Project Statement of Work
    Create a Project Charter
    Identify Project Stakeholders
Planning Project Work
    Identify the Elements of a Project Management Plan
    Document Stakeholder Requirements
    Create a Scope Statement
    Develop a Work Breakdown Structure
Developing Project Schedules
    Create an Activity List
    Create a Project Schedule Network Diagram
    Estimate Activity Resources
    Estimate Duration for Project Activities
    Develop a Project Schedule
    Identify the Critical Path
    Optimize the Project Schedule
    Establish a Schedule Baseline
Developing Cost Estimates and Budgets
    Estimate Project Costs
    Estimate the Cost Baseline
    Reconcile Funding and Costs
Planning Project Quality, Staffing, and Communications
    Create a Quality Management Plan
    Document the Project Roles, Responsibilities, and Reporting Relationships
    Create a Communications Management Plan
Analyzing Risks and Planning Risk Responses
    Examine a Risk Management Plan
    Identify Project Risks and Triggers
    Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
    Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis
    Develop a Risk Response Plan
Planning Project Procurements
    Plan Project Procurements
    Prepare a Procurement Statement Of Work
    Prepare a Procurement Document
Executing Project Work
    Identify the Direct and Manage Project Execution Process
    Execute a Quality Assurance Plan
    Acquire the Project Team
    Develop the Project Team
    Manage the Project Team
    Distribute Project Information
    Manage Stakeholder Relationships and Expectations
Managing Project Procurement
    Examine the Project Procurements Process
    Obtain Responses from Sellers
    Determine Project Sellers
Monitoring and Controlling Project Work
    Identify the Monitor and Control Project Work Process
    Develop an Integrated Change Control System
    Utilize the Integrated Change Control System
    Review Deliverables and Work Results
    Control the Project Scope
Monitoring and Controlling Project Schedule and Costs
    Control the Project Schedule
    Control Project Costs
Monitoring and Controlling Project Performance and Quality
    Perform Quality Control
    Report on Project Performance
Monitoring and Controlling Project Risks and Procurements
    Monitor and Control Project Risks
    Administer Project Procurements
Closing the Project
    Close Project Procurements
    Close the Project or Phase Administratively

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