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Power Point
Microsoft Office Power Point - Level 1 and 2
Software Version Microsoft Office Power Point 2003 and 2007
Course Duration 1 Day for each level and 2 Days for the complete course
Course Type Class Room and Instructor-Led On-Line (E-Learning) Hands-On Training
Course Overview In today's work environment, presentations have moved far beyond flip charts and overhead projectors. Audiences not only expect that your presentations are in an electronic format, but they also demand that your presentations be unique and sophisticated in their use of such formats. In this course, you will work with Microsoft Office PowerPoint to create electronic presentations.
Intended Audience for this course This course is designed for students who are interested in learning the fundamentals needed to create and modify basic presentations using Microsoft Office PowerPoint. This course is also intended for students interested in pursuing Microsoft Office Specialist certification in Microsoft Office PowerPoint.
Course Topics
Level 1
Lesson 1: An Orientation to PowerPoint

    Topic 1A: The PowerPoint Environment
    Topic 1B: Orientation to Views
    Topic 1C: Navigate Through a Presentation
    Topic 1D: Edit Slide Text
    Topic 1E: Save the Presentation
    Topic 1F: Run a Slide Show

Lesson 2: Beginning a Presentation

    Topic 2A: Create a New Presentation
    Topic 2B: Change Background Color
    Topic 2C: Add Slides to a Presentation
    Topic 2D: Enter Text
    Topic 2E: Create a Presentation from a Microsoft Word Outline

Lesson 3: Formatting Text Slides

    Topic 3A: Apply Character Formats
    Topic 3B: Align Text
    Topic 3C: Change Line Spacing
    Topic 3D: Change Indents

Lesson 4: Adding Tables to a Presentation

    Topic 4A: Create a Table
    Topic 4B: Format Tables
    Topic 4C: Insert a Table from Microsoft Word

Lesson 5: Charting Data

    Topic 5A: Create a Column Chart
    Topic 5B: Edit Chart Data
    Topic 5C: Change Chart Type
    Topic 5D: Insert a Chart from Microsoft Excel

Lesson 6: Modifying Objects

    Topic 6A: Resize Objects
    Topic 6B: Copy and Duplicate Objects
    Topic 6C: Move Objects
    Topic 6D: Changing Object Orientation
    Topic 6E: Format Objects
    Topic 6F: Group and Ungroup Objects
    Topic 6G: Change the Order of Objects

Lesson 7: Adding Images to a Presentation

    Topic 7A: Add Clip Art
    Topic 7B: Add a Picture from a File
    Topic 7C: Draw Lines and Shapes
    Topic 7D: Insert WordArt

Lesson 8: Preparing to Deliver a Presentation

    Topic 8A: Spell Check
    Topic 8B: Arrange Slides
    Topic 8C: Add Transitions
    Topic 8D: Create Speaker Notes
    Topic 8E: Send a Presentation to Microsoft Word
    Topic 8F: Print the Presentation
    Topic 8G: Package a Presentation for CD

Level 2
Lesson 1: Creating a Custom Design Template

    Topic 1A: Define Design Template Characteristics
    Topic 1B: Create a Custom Color Scheme
    Topic 1C: Set Up a Slide Master
    Topic 1D: Format Custom Bullets
    Topic 1E: Add a Footer
    Topic 1F: Modify the Notes Master
    Topic 1G: Save a Custom Design Template

Lesson 2: Adding Organization Charts and Diagrams

    Topic 2A: Working with Organization Charts
    Topic 2B: Update an Organization Chart
    Topic 2C: Applying a Chart Layout
    Topic 2D: Create a Diagram
    Topic 2E: Draw a Flowchart

Lesson 3: Adding Special Effects

    Topic 3A: Add Sound and Movies
    Topic 3B: Add Animation
    Topic 3C: Emphasize Objects
    Topic 3D: Set a Motion Path
    Topic 3E: Set the Order of Effects

Lesson 4: Creating Web Presentations

    Topic 4A: Create a Group Home Page with the AutoContent Wizard
    Topic 4B: Hyperlink to a Web Page
    Topic 4C: Publish as a Web Page

Lesson 5: Collaborating in PowerPoint

    Topic 5A: Set Password Protection
    Topic 5B: Work with Comments
    Topic 5C: Send a Presentation for Review
    Topic 5D: Merge Revision Copies
    Topic 5E: Apply Reviewer Changes

Lesson 6: Delivering a Presentation

    Topic 6A: Hyperlink Within PowerPoint
    Topic 6B: Add an Action Button
    Topic 6C: Set Up a Custom Show
    Topic 6D: Annotate a Presentation
    Topic 6E: Working with Narrations and Slide Timings
    Topic 6F: Set Up a Slide Show to Repeat Automatically

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