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Microsoft Share Point Designer & Development
Software Version Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2007
Course Duration 2 Days
Course Type Class Room and Instructor-Led On-Line (E-Learning) Hands-On Training
Course Overview This course is designed to customize SharePoint sites and build a new Sub-sites on the SharePoint services platform.
Intended Audience for this course This course is intended for SharePoint web designers and SharePoint solution developers, who want to learn to customize SharePoint sites by enhancing the look and feel of a SharePoint site and also to create dynamic pages using Web Parts and workflows. This course is also designed for DBAs, Network administrators or any technical consultants developers who wants to become SharePoint application designers and developers.
Course Topics
Level 1
Getting Started with the SharePoint Designer Environment

    Topic 1A: Explore the SharePoint Designer Interface
    Topic 1B: Customize the SharePoint Designer Interface
    Topic 1C: Get Help in SharePoint Designer

Creating a Subsite

    Topic 2A: Create a Page Layout
    Topic 2B: Create a Master Page
    Topic 2C: Modify a Page Layout

Adding Content to the Site

    Topic 3A: Add and Format Text
    Topic 3B: Work with Tables
    Topic 3C: Work with Images

Working with Cascading Style Sheets

    Topic 4A: Introduction to CSS
    Topic 4B: Create an External Style Sheet
    Topic 4C: Create Internal Styles
    Topic 4D: Modify External Style Sheets

Adding Basic Functionality to Web Pages

    Topic 5A: Add Hyperlinks
    Topic 5B: Create a Hotspot
    Topic 5C: Add Bookmark Links
    Topic 5D: Add an Interactive Button
    Topic 5E: Open a Page in a New Browser Window

Adding SharePoint Components to the Site

    Topic 6A: Add Lists and Libraries to a Site
    Topic 6B: Work with Web Parts
    Topic 6C: Add a Link Bar
    Topic 6D: Enhance the Navigation Structure

Automating Business Processes with Workflows

    Topic 7A: Create a Workflow
    Topic 7B: Modify a Workflow

Level 2
Working with ASP.NET Forms

    Topic 1A: Create an ASP.NET Form
    Topic 1B: Modify Form Control Properties
    Topic 1C: Validate Inputs
    Topic 1D: Customize an Interactive Button

Integrate Data Sources

    Topic 2A: Implementing Data Sources and Displaying Data in Data Views
    Topic 2B: Access a Data Source
    Topic 2C: Import Data into a Data View
    Topic 2D: Update the Data View Presentation
    Topic 2E: Work with the Data View Commands

Using SharePoint Site Templates

    Topic 3A: Open an Existing Subsite and Create a New Web Page from an Existing Template
    Topic 3B: Save a Customized Page
    Topic 3C: Revert a Customized Page
    Topic 3D: Save a Customized Site as a SharePoint Site Template

Advanced Data Integration Using SharePoint Designer 2007

    Topic 4A: Move Data View Web Parts to Different Web Part Zones
    Topic 4B: Displaying Data from a Linked Data Source in a Data View
    Topic 4C: Reference and Consume a Web Service
    Topic 4D: Display XML Data with XSLT

Update Workflows Using SharePoint Designer 2007

    Topic 5A: Opening and Modifying an Existing Workflow
    Topic 5B: Deploy and Test the Custom Workflow

Administering a SharePoint Site Using SharePoint Designer 2007

    Topic 6A: Configure Contributor Settings
    Topic 6B: Generate Usability Reports
    Topic 6C: Optimize the HTML for a SharePoint Site
    Topic 6D: Spell Check a SharePoint Site
    Topic 6E: Back Up and Restore a SharePoint Site
    Topic 6F: Migrating a SharePoint Site

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